Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dear Younger Me...

Lately I have been listening to this song by MercyMe a lot:

Dear younger me
Where do I start
If I could tell you everything that I have learned so far
Then you could be
One step ahead
Of all the painful memories still running thru my head
I wonder how much different things would be
Dear younger me,
Dear younger me
I cannot decide
Do I give some speech about how to get the most out of your life
Or do I go deep
And try to change
The choices that you’ll make cuz they’re choices that made me
Even though I love this crazy life
Sometimes I wish it was a smoother ride
Dear younger me, dear younger me
If I knew then what I know now
Condemnation would’ve had no power
My joy my pain would’ve never been my worth
If I knew then what I know now
Would’ve not been hard to figure out
What I would’ve changed if I had heard

Also I am reading several books, one of which is  No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

I spend time reflecting about how I got to where I am and debating if I would change anything. Somedays, yes, I wish I could get a "do over". There are things I didn't do out of fear. There are things I did that I now regret. Yet, today I am so very happy to be where I am. And had I not experienced what I have, I wouldn't be here. 

I counsel people everyday who have regrets and want "do overs". I walk with them on their journey for a short time and we talk about this theme over and over... 

Realistically there is no changing the past. It is what it is. All we have is our present moment. And that is where we must invest our whole heart, where we must live. 

I am getting better at mindfulness, living in the present. Yet I revisit the past. I have memories, both good and bad, but they are part of my journey, part of the path that has led to now. I think, at this moment, I would tell my younger me to keep an open mind, never lose hope and accept that life is an miraculous puzzle... 

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