Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gwennifur, Gwenners, Gwen, Gwenner Gwenner Chicken Dinner

She was rescued by a friend as the last remaining kitten of a litter that was killed by coyotes. Elisabeth found her tucked under the porch mewing, just a small bundle of black,white and gold fur.
She took her in to live among pitbulls and Old English Sheepdogs who she ruled with an iron paw!

Due to her attacking the OES, Edgar, who was getting frail, the cat had to go elsewhere.

She was then fostered by my friend Trish and was spayed and vaccinated. All attempts to place her failed. I couldn't take her because my elder cat, Kizzie, was dying of cancer and I did not want to disrupt her final days...

Then one week after Kizzie had died, when the snow was going to be horrid, Trish and her cats and Gwen came to stay with me. Gwennie bonded with my cat, Sir Snowball Flufferbutt and once the weather was better, Trish and her boys left and Gwen stayed on.

I am so thankful for that.

She embodies several of my favorite traits of cats that have long since died. She is a licker, like Kizzie and Sniffypie were. Gwen awakens me by gently licking my face. She also curls up and sleeps on me like my Mo did and sometimes she lies beside my head purring like Buddy Love. She is about the size of Maggie and has her raspy mew.

I started to realize all these traits in one cat was pretty special. Instead of being sad about my cats who have passed on, Gwenners reminds me of all the love I have experienced through them. I feel as though they are with me still in spirit, channeled through this little girl.

The series of events that brought her to me are amazing in some ways, involving reconnection with an old high school friend, last minute aborted adoptions and a friend who was willing to foster before moving away.

She is a small cat making a huge impact on my life...

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Anonymous said...

Bawling happy tears. This supports my core beliefs that our smallest action can be huge in the lives of others. I KNEW she was your next cat from the beginning. Gweniffer. I love as well. Martha, you were the first to show me unconditional love.