Saturday, May 14, 2016


In my new job I meet an amazing array of people. Among my clients I seem to be building a base of LGBT individuals.

Although I am a heterosexual woman, I still find so many commonalities with them, as I do with all my clients. And I don't judge them. All I see is that they are hurting and I hope in my small way I can lessen their pain and teach them ways to cope a bit better.

I ran across this article:

It seems to be a sensitive thoughtful article. I want to share it so people understand a bit better.

All the controversy over bathrooms in my book, is just ridiculous. As for saying that gender identity issues are "psychological" and can be cured, I disagree. Our mind/body/spirit are entwined, yes, but sometimes we are as we are born.

So much more to learn... but in the meantime, so much more compassion and love is needed.

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