Friday, April 1, 2016

Old Crow Medicine Show

Young pups, stellar musicians, buskers, hillbilly rockers... how does one describe Old Crow Medicine Show? A group of performers who all play several instruments led by a high octane front man who brings rockstar charisma to the stage.

I had front row seats just stage left of center. I could see the broken strings of the fiddler's bow. I was thatclose!

It was my first concert in decades and what a way to get back into concert going!

The energy was palpable. I could feel the drumbeats in my gut. I got lost in the performance, totally forgetting where I was, what time it was, just totally immersed in the moment, in the music zone.

The crowd LOVED them. The frontman, Ketch Secor, came off as a goofy, versatile, sexy, talented singer. Cory Younts, musician and clogger often took the stage to cut lose as a limber dancing man.
They brought passion and joy into their performance. It was obvious they loved what they did and each other very much! And that the feeling was mutual between the audience and the band.

It was seriously one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. To be alive and lost in music... I will have much more of that in my future.

Rock me mama!

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