Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness

Yet another friend from my youth has contacted me. 

Keeta was always the prettiest girl in our class; she had curly black hair and deep blue eyes and dimples. There was no way to compete against that in elementary school!

We were friends, not best friends but the kind of friends one becomes in a small town in a small school. There were some petty arguments and snubs from both of us. But there was also that shared experience of growing up together with our siblings mingling and families overlapping.

I worked with one of her brothers in high school at the Jr. Food Store. It was a convenience store/market and we opened at 6 am and closed at 10 on weekends. Robbie was a year younger than me. He was a sweet funny kid in a souped up Chevy who liked sports, especially basketball. He lived and breathed bball. I think we even went to the Sweet 16 tournament together once? Or maybe we just saw each other there as we went to different schools. But I remember him most clearly  talking about basketball. 

Robbie had just graduated high school when he was killed in a car wreck. He ran off the two lane highway that wound from Glasgow to Summer Shade and hit a tree head on. It shook all of our crowd pretty deeply. Especially Keeta. She was closest in age to him and I imagine missed him more than I can even imagine...

Late last night while watching the Wonder Years and  feeling nostalgic, I was cruising Facebook and a chat message popped up from Keeta. She now lives in Lexington, having recently moved here with her daughter and grandbabies. She too is divorced and ready for a change. We made a tentative date to get together in April after she gets more settled and I get my new job off the ground. And of course once March Madness is over! 

It seemed like good timing from the Universe or maybe a sign because during March Madness I always think of Robbie. He would have loved watching the games...

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