Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gwennifer: Another Magic Healing Cat enters my life...

Gwennifer started out her life on a farm in Danville, being rescued from carnage by coyotes. She was the single survivor of her litter, found scared and hiding under a porch.  She was taken in and cuddled and loved by a woman who rescues pit bulls. Eventually she had to be relocated due to safety. Not hers, the pit bulls! She had begun attacking them and the 100 pound Old English Sheep dogs and they were terrified of the little spit fire fluff!

She resided briefly with my bestie who was able to get her vetted and spayed and socialized to other cats. She was named "Gwennifer" at that point and it is a whimsical fitting name for her. 

Before a major winter storm, she and her two brother cats and my bestie came to stay at my house with me and mine to ride out the weather. And she never left...

I had recently lost my Maggie, a sweet crazy tuxedo cat and had taken in Sir Snowball Flufferbutt, a 13 year old rescue to reside with Kizzie, my last kitten, age 19 and fading... Gwen was a young, funny breath of fresh air. 

After Kizzie died, Gwen stepped into the role of First Snuggler. Then odd things began to happen. 

I started to notice she would sit at the window as Maggie used to and chirp in the same way. She also meowed in the scratchy raspy voice of Mags. Then she began to curl up next to my head or sleep on my hip as Kizzie had done for 19 years. The kicker was when she began to lick my face in the same exact way as Kizzers. It was as if she were channeling my last two cats to let me know they were still around in spirit form. Instead of heartbreaking or spooky, I found this immensely comforting. 

She embodies the traits of two much loved animals but also displays her own quirky traits. She likes coffee. 

She likes to play "whackacat" with Sir Snow, she LOVES to race down the hall at a full gallop. And most of all she loves to scratch her scratching posts, butt in the air, front paws grabbing deep and furiously. 
She is a most magical healing cat. She brings me comfort on cold nights, makes me laugh and makes me remember other cats who I have loved dearly. She was meant to be mine, it just took a circuitous path to get her to me... 


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Letting go..

 Forgiveness is the cleansing fire
that burns away old regrets and resentments.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie