Friday, December 18, 2015

Hello from Heaven

From Facebook Memories today:

"Martha, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you'd like to look back on this post from 5 years ago."

And my caption: "Christmas Miracle # 1: Maggie the Cat (Insane cat who lives upstairs because she hates all living creatures except me and Jake) is sitting on my lap downstairs AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!"

I have been thinking of Mags because it was about this time last year she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And more recently her original owner, Mary died. So I have been remembering her and feeling blue. She was a most beautiful girl. The last Tuxie I had adopted. And yes, Tuxedo cats are my favorite color combo. 

So today when I saw this, I felt like Maggie was sending me a hello from Heaven. Seeing her in all her beauty on her first brave day of coming downstairs made me smile. She was a funny, fussy gal. And I loved her dearly... 

So much has happened in that 5 year span. A lot of loss, a lot of growth and lot of joy too. 
Today I count my blessings for having had her and Mary in my life. 

Thanks Maggie for popping in and reminding me of signs and wonders. And of love. 

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