Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back in the barn

Back in the barn, at long last.

I have been away from the barn for months. It was not the Summer I had planned, there were lots of distractions, frustrations and overtime at work. So my Friday barn time was pushed to the back burner....

But yesterday, FINALLY, I was back. I was warmly greeted by the other volunteers, barn cats and horses.

Wanda, my favorite female Fjord, remembered me. She rubbed her huge head up and down on my shoulder and licked and nuzzled me.

Wanda love!!!

Jewel the barn cat came trotting, meowing all the way, to be scooped up and scratched for a long time. She has obviously been neglected all Summer and let me know how terribly pitiful she was...
Jewel the barn cat

Fabian was new to the rotation but I had met him before. I went in to pick his stall, (cleaning up poop) and he did "the lean". I have found if horses are comfortable with me they will often lean on me and sigh. It's a huge trust thing, both for them and me. It could be dangerous to have a 2000 pound animal "lean" on you, especially if you are between them and the wall, but these horses are great and I trust them for the most part. 

It was a lovely day at the barn; the temperature was moderate, the big fans were turning creating a breeze, the smell of hay and horse poop acted as aromatherapy for me. It had been too long a time away but I was so grateful to be back. 

Horses heal my heart...


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