Friday, July 3, 2015

Purging and sparking joy

This is the year of the purge. I am striving to live a minimal lifestyle, to own less things, keeping only that which "sparks joy" in my heart.  I read this article:  and found it helpful.

I live alone now, as my ex husband moved out over 2 years ago taking only what he needed leaving 25 year of jointly accumulated stuff which I was too overwhelmed to deal with until this year.

In that time I have donated at least 50 grocery bags of books to the Friends of the Library. I have recycled magazines, note books, letters and shredded or burned boxes of files and taxes and photographs. I have become un-sentimental in that cards and letters once re-read have gone the way of fire or trash.

I have cleared out my closets taking the clothes to a nearby women's shelter. I have even purged myself of shoes. Did I really need 6 pair of black heels? Apparently not.

I have donated art that I am tired of or that sparks less than happy memories, keeping only that which sparks joy.

I am in the process of getting rid of furniture too. I am liking the clean open spaces that are appearing. I am liking the fact that I could park my car in the carport.

I also hired a company to come and cut down all the honeysuckle and trees except for one magnolia and one redbud in my yard. The overgrown, out of control jungle and hedges sparked loathing and depression, reminding me of the poison ivy filled backyard of the house I lost to a short sale.
Now my back yard is open and sunny.

Next up on the list are the remainder of the hedges out front. I HATE hedges and realized that finally I don't have to live with anything I loathe. So they are on their way out.

My wedding dress is being recycled into christening gowns and shrouds for premature babies at local hospitals.  I like that it will be repurposed and not used as a costume or prop in some dusty local theater.

I also have gotten rid of many photographs. If they are blurry, duplicates or I can't remember the people in them they are gone. I am working on burning my journals. They are not great works of prose and no one needs to read them or my sad rants. I have cleared out file cabinets, boxes, rubber tubs of things.

I found a great thrift shop where all the proceeds benefit an animal shelter. They are getting anything that might be resold. It feels good to change the energy from things that make me sad when I look at them to things that help save an animals life.

It is the year of the purge, the fire, the clearing out. I am no longer the person I was, I am emerging from that fire like a Phoenix, reinventing myself, spreading my wings, ready to soar again.

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