Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Letters to the Past Me

I want to tell you today that you were perfectly alright back all those years ago. You were smart, pretty and strong. There was no need to have felt “less than”.

But you did. You listened to the internal voices that said you weren’t enough: weren’t smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, worth enough… 

Those voices were wrong.

You should never have believed all the men who you said you were a bitch. A prude. “Just a girl from KY.” That you would never succeed… that you would quit, give up, give in... FAIL. 

You should not have taken their words so seriously.

Yet, you let those negative voices define you for decades. You believed that you fit in a box of someone else’s design. You believed that you mattered less than others.

Even now as I read letters from your past I shake my head in disbelief…

There were words of love. Some real. Some lies. There were accusations. Some true, some false. There were promises made, promises broken.

So why keep those letters? To prove the voices were right or to prove they were liars?

This is what present me is telling past you and future you

BURN the letters, the photos, release the lies into the cleansing flames and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of hope!

Soar on your scarred wings. 
Heal your own heart. 
LET GO and let your soul blossom again. 
Trust yourself. 
Be kind to yourself, your soul, your mending heart. 
Most of all believe in you.  
It’s not to late to love yourself. Make that vow unbreakable.

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