Sunday, July 13, 2014


I just read a blog about grief:

And it hit home.

There is no timetable for grief. I always thought there was an end, at some point, that I would accept the loss and be done with it. Yet, I have found it does not end. It slips away at times, only to reappear at odd moments.

Grief is in the sudden burst of memory when finding an object that reminds me of a lost loved one. It is in the single tear running down my cheek to fall upon a photograph of my parents. Grief surfaces when I touch a letter written by my father to my mother on paper so old it has turned golden with age.

Grief is a quick pinch of the heart; a flash of joy that bubbles into laughter at the remembrance of a funny story. Grief is both sweet and bitter, love that hurts and soothes.

I have learned not to fear the pain, but to sit with it, remembering the one that is gone.

Grief does not end, but then, neither does love.

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