Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer approaches

I have never been a fan of Summer.

It was the lonely time between school years, bereft of friends, full of boredom unless I had a book in hand.

It seems that I struggle with depression the most in Summer. I don't like heat. I don't like mosquitoes.
I am not a swimsuit/pool/beach person. I burn easily. I don't like to sweat.

Yet this summer I am anticipating a change. A shift in perspective.
I am planting herbs. I am pulling weeds. I am mowing my own yard.
I am trying to connect with the verdant, lush Earth in a way I have not before.
I am getting my hands dirty, digging in dirt, spying earthworms.

I am trying to find new life. I am hopeful that perhaps I can grow to like (maybe even love?) the fruits of Summer. One plant, one weed at a time.

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