Sunday, March 30, 2014


Today in church we talked about being prisoners.

I tried to remember the poet who wrote "Iron bars do not a prison make..."
That thought led to thinking about what imprisons us: depression, poverty, addiction, fear, pride, loneliness, money.

And once we are locked in how do we get ourselves out?

I have locked myself into a negative view of myself years ago. The fact that I earned a masters degree while working full time and graduated with a 4.0 doesn't matter because I feel that I am an impostor that will soon be found wanting.

The fact that I have accomplished many of my goals in life doesn't negate that I feel as if I failed because I drive a 14 year old car and lost my house in the economic downturn.

It doesn't matter if I have a good personality and am well loved because I feel old/fat/ugly.

I met with friends this week and we talked about enacting positive change in our lives. We committed to meeting once a month face to face for updates and staying in touch through the electronic media to encourage and listen to each other.

I discovered I am not the only accomplished woman who feels this way.

Why do we listen to "society" and respond to the photoshopped ads to belittle ourselves?
Why do we take comfort in our misery? Why do we lack motivation? Why do we consistently harm ourselves when we would never do those things to others?

Why do we choose to live in self made prisons?


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