Monday, February 11, 2013

Questions too late to ask of my father

I walk the streets
staring at the gray buildings,
watching the windows
wondering if my present was once your past?

Did you ever walk along 23rd Street
stopping to admire the Flatiron building
as I often do?

Did you ever stroll Fifth Avenue
standing back from a world of riches
wishing, just wishing
that life could be yours?

Did you ever sit
 on this bench,
this rock,
on this knoll in Central Park
while families and lovers
ambled by?

During the Depression
when soup kitchens
and bread lines abounded,
were you ever tempted
just once
to stand in line?

I see New York
through a dreamer's eyes;
The present melding with the past,
trying to create the world
as it once was
when as a young man
you passed so briefly
through my city
much like you passed
so briefly through my life.


VanGugi said...

I love the old picture from NY.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ... did your write this?

just stopping by from Nevada ...