Saturday, January 26, 2013

Should, would, could

It is quiet in the house
as I sit in a puddle of regret
and half hearted musings
of what could have been.

The 'maybes' outweigh
the reality before me
and I wonder if
'should, could, would'
would have changed
my life.

What of the road not taken?
What of the risks I feared?
Why does one instant,
one decision
undeniably alter our path?

I marvel at the instant
that a life is changed.
How the potential
skews and is lost
The opportunity gone,
Never to return.

Doubt creeps in
and I regret the times
I did not reach out,
the times I did
and the times I turned away.

Because Life is too hard,
too sad,
too mean.
Or because Life is so joyful
so magical
so beautiful
I cannot stand in its presence
without deep undeniable pain.

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