Saturday, August 18, 2012

You sit there
slightly smiling
in a starched shirt
and shoestring tie;
Life spiraling before you
a gleaming river
of promise.

What would you have done
if on that day
you knew
that you had only
fifty years to live out all
you dreamed?

Would you have chosen
a different path,
a smoother road?
Or still have taken
the twisting, steep climb
that became your life?

Sitting in the chair
 young, sweet, with
an innocent unknowing.
Never imagining
the pain that would
carve your heart
into a scarred
but still loving,
beating, bruised and
tender beyond all get out
center of your soul.

What if you had known
that life would betray you?
People would hurt you?
Cheat you?
But ultimately
love you so fiercely
that their own hearts
shattered with sorrow
once you were gone.

What would you have
changed if you knew?