Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter light

It is now the twilight time of year. Days of sunshine are few, the trees skeletal against dove gray clouds and all seems dim and dark.

Recent events have added to the spiritual and emotional darkness of this season. The death of innocent children and adults by the hand of a very disturbed, troubled young man seems to steal the joy of the holidays and dampen our spirits.

We cry, we panic, we worry and fret about our own children, our family and friends; even strangers we don't know but with whom we share a common deep grief.

During times of darkness we seek light. We seek warmth, community and solace. Even our ancestors would gather around a fire in the darkest night for heat, company and safety. A fire to keep away the evils beyond the periphery of the light, to protect them from what lay waiting in the darkness.

Perhaps that is why this time of year we string our houses with twinkling strands of lights, burn candles, build fires and seek out the warmth of home and hearth. Perhaps it is somehow so deeply ingrained within us to be light seekers that we subconsciously bring light forth in the darkest of days, the darkest of seasons, the darkest of times.

Even during a moment of unimaginable horror, we seek light, community and warmth from one another. We seek solace. We light candles for the memory of lives cut short. We light them to remind us to hope, to pray, to know that the darkness shall in time, pass.

Within the circle of light we are safe. The shadows cannot conquer us as long as there is one spark glowing within our soul.

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Gaby Vask said...

Hi! I'm Gaby from Venezuela. I just read your last paper and I want you to know that we are all connected,I mean, that the world somehow is connected by energy. So we all have lost somebody in that tragic day I deeply share your feelings, and the only one thing that we can do for those who are not anymore is to pray for those souls, and strongly believe that there's light, there's a God with us and He never leaves us alone.