Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Communion~ for Holy Week

One by one they come
to the rail
seeking comfort
asking forgiveness
faces of sorrow
eyes overflowing with tears
faces joyful
hands cupped, extended
waiting to receive.
Gently the bread is broken
pieces placed in hands
worn from work
trembling with age
soft with innocence
The miracle begins
Whispered words
“The body of Christ
The bread of heaven”
and the love flows
from heaven
through me
to them
and back again to heaven
Lives linked
by God
An act so intimate
that my soul
quivers and vibrates
tuned to a higher pitch
resonating with a love so great
that my mind cannot fathom
the miracle in my midst
Unable to think, to reason,
I can only feel
and respond
reveling in the glory
as they come
one by one to the rail.

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