Saturday, April 21, 2012

A 5 minute Life Lesson for a 5 year old...

Ms. Martha: (Looking down to see a client’s sibling clutching several packs of peanut butter crackers) Where did you get those?

KIDDO: Your car. (Smiling)

Ms. Martha: Did you ask me if you could have them?

Kiddo: NO! (Batting her big blue eyes and smiling)

Ms. Martha: Then whose are they?

Kiddo: MINE

Ms. Martha: No. They are mine. You did not ask permission to get them.

Kiddo: Staring at Ms. Martha and beginning to pout.

Ms. Martha: You have to give them back. Do you know what it is called when you take things without asking???

Kiddo: Noooo

Ms. Martha: That’s called stealing. It is very bad. YOU are not bad, but what you did was very bad. You must never get in Ms. Martha’s car and take things ever again.

Kiddo: But I want them!

Ms. Martha: I know you do, but they are mine. You cannot have them.


Ms. Martha: No. Hand me the crackers. (Kiddo does so) 

Kiddo: Ms. Martha may I please have the crackers??? PLEASE

Ms. Martha: Are you going to get in my car again?

Kiddo: No. I promise. Can I please have the crackers?

Ms. Martha: Thank you for asking. You may have one pack but you have to share with your sister.


Ms. Martha: Then no crackers unless you share.

Kiddo: ok, I’ll share. (And she does)

And from now on, Ms. Martha will lock her car.


beagleAnnie said...

This story made me smile. But yes, we should lock our car!

Marci said...

Well played. Ms. Martha. Well played, indeed!