Monday, September 12, 2011


Today I walked among the dead,
resting quietly in their graves.
I wandered among them
speaking aloud
a name
a date
a sentiment,
carved in coldest stone.
Speaking them into being
for just a moment
just a breath of time.

It is peaceful
away from the living.
The quiet broken
only by birdsong,
breezes rustling
the leaves beneath my feet.

Sun warmed granite
rough to my touch.
cool even at midday
with the sun arching
over us all
warming the cold ground
beneath me
above them.

I embrace the solitude.
I revel in the peace that flows
across time and being.

I have no fear.
I have no quarrels with the dead.
It is the living that presume.

1 comment:

Fairy said...

Yes, it is the living that presume.