Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Farm

I return to the land
where time and again
I find strength and solace.

I don't know if there is magic
in the earth beneath my feet
or in the wind soughing
through the trees
but I feel an energy
that connects with mine.

It may be the spirits
of long dead ancestors
or even animals I once loved
buried carefully along fence rows
so as to remember where they lay.

I hear it whispering to me
in the slow running creek
that I have drank from
for over fifty summers.

I see it in the waving grasses
tall to my knees
bending in silent
acknowledgment of my passing
through the fields.

The buzzing of bees,
jarflies droning and
locust song
weave an eternal symphony
heard now, then and in the future
by those who lives
intertwine upon these hills.

Seasons pass
as do people
but the magic
in this land

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Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed reading "The Farm" Good memories are always good for the soul. Whenever I think of summers in the mountains of central Pa. swimming at my fathers' birth place on the Susquehanna,rafting/inner tubing on a very low flowing,sulphur polluted (run off from old mines)riding byctcles the 2 miles ,playing on sandbars and hunting arrowheads on the creek where am.indians once lived these all bring back the fun of the simple life of a small town.The smell of the old Millers' Landing Resort of old,the excitement of my mothers' home at the Shadeck hotel .also on the river but in the town of Karthaus.Although Karthaus had a somewhat bad image of Fri. & Sat night fights at the bars ,hot rodders burning up their tires,it was there that I have very fond memories of people that touched my life. From the school techer in the 4 room grade school next door,to the men that organized the boy scout troop ,the little league ball team. These people gave their time and money which was very scare in the poor coal mining town.My mother was a very good samaratin in that on two occasions took in other family members when sickness prevented them from raising their kids.She was a lady was the original womens lib,,,driving a truck,smoking,drinking and sometimes cursing like a sailor but had a heart that was so large that couldn't be contained.Karthaus is "my Farm"