Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boys from the country

This song reminds me of both my big brothers (BB1 and BB2). Both were brought up in the country, on the same farm where we all were conceived and born. BB1 still lives there, walking on the ground where father and grandfather walked and where his son and grandchildren walk. It is a beautiful farm, woods of hickory, oak, and cedar. Fence rows covered in blackberry vines, ponds filled with the most beautiful sounding frogs and peepers. Between his house and his son's lies the ground where my grandmother planted daffodils and butter cups, and where her garlic still comes up every year. The same creek runs cold but smaller than I remember. I love to visit him there. It feels like home in my heart.

My other brother, BB2 traveled away. For a while he lived in cities, both large and small, but the country called him to come back. He lives in Colorado, no gentle rolling hills and creeks for him, but instead soaring mountains and rushing rivers. He embraces the wilderness, foraging for mushrooms and game in season. He flew me out once and it was the most glorious vacation the hubster and I ever went on, we still talk about it years later.

Both my brothers are attached to the land and I somehow think this keeps them real and authentic. They are two of the best men I have ever known. Strong yet gentle. They cry as easily as they laugh. They are jokesters and have filled my life with laughter, surprise and delight. They both have dried my tears and cried with me through out my life. I think I waited so long to marry because I could not find a man who had these qualities. My big brothers set the bar high. Luckily they did not shoot my husband upon meeting my Yankee fiance but instead over the years have embraced him as a brother.

Neither brother has had it easy. Both have had trials that would lay low any other person. They have not only survived them but have triumphed. They inspire me to be just as tough, just as stubborn and strong as they are.

They are boys from the country, they know Life at its best. They know the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. They live close to the land, walk among the trees and love with all their hearts.
They are my heroes.

Because he called the forest brother
Because he called the earth his mother
They drove him out into the rain
Some people even said the boy from the country was insane

Because he spoke with fish in the creek
He tried to tell us that the animals could speak
Who knows, perhaps they do
How do you know they dont
Just because theyve never spoken to you

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun

He tried to tell us that we should love the land
We turned our heads and laughed
And we did not understand
Sometimes I think that the boy from the country
Is the only one who sees
Because the boy from the country
Doesnt want to see the forest for the trees

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun.
(Michael Murphy, sung by John Denver)

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JennyT said...

very sweet - thank-you. I loved John Denver w/ a passion when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me.
(Bob's friend from Westminster)