Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patty Griffin Making Pies

I don't make pies. I make cobblers. Exactly the way my mama taught me. Butter, flour, sugar, milk and fruit. Easy.
I have made cobblers for church socials, friends and neighbors. They are all eaten quickly. Something comforting about the crunchy crust and warm fruit with vanilla ice cream melting and puddling around it...

A friend from college sent me the link to Patty Griffin's song "Making Pies". The images and words pull me in, remembering strong women in my life. Time spent in the kitchen with my mother patiently teaching me to cook, and also learning by just watching her cook. Talking with friends over a piece of pie and coffee on a rainy day. The pies in Dottie's cafe in Horse Cave KY when I worked at the theater there, cobblers too.
Cakes have their place in the world: weddings, birthdays, celebrations of note. But pies, they are for everyday. For small moments and big memories. For intimacy and shared stories. For rainy days and small talk. For comfort, love and remembrance.
Thanks Dave.

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Eric said...

Hi Martha,

Can/would you post your mother's way for making cobbler? I make pies occasionally because my mother and her mother did. I've always liked cobblers and have never made one.