Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Mo

So today Mo is at the vet's office. And I am playing the anxious mother. These past few years have been so difficult. At one point we had 2 dogs, a fish and 5 cats...
Our animal family has dwindled in the past two years. First was Molly the dog, a gift from God, no question. She graced our home during the last 5 years of her life. A funny, peaceful, easy to love Golden Retriever. Next we lost Sniffy Pie and Dennis the fish and more recently Buddy Love, a 22 year old Brooklyn St. cat who was Mo's constant companion since Mo came home as an 8 week old kitten.

Now Mo has begun to decline at age 15. My kitten. My little geriatric kitten.
In the midst of a summer where some of my most beloved human family members are struggling with cancer and fighting for their lives, my cat may be too.

I have sought solace in animals my whole life. Their unconditional love, their willingness to absorb tears, endure long hugs and their ability to calm me with their presence has saved me emotionally countless time.

Especially Little Mo. I carried him around in my pocket as a kitten at the vet clinic where I worked. He has slept beside my head for hundreds of nights, his purr lulling me to sleep. He is a lovebug, seeking out people, greeting them and welcoming them to our home.

And now I am waiting for the outcome of a test. I am at home while he is at the vet's. I have concerns. As with my human family, I know a little too much about the medical world and this leads me at time to anticipate the worst, to feel their pain, to ache with them, not for them, but with them and to be afraid because I have no answers.

I hate the unknown.

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