Saturday, March 13, 2010

Success happens...

I received a wonderful call the other day. One of my kiddos called to update me after being off my caseload for over a year.

I rarely get to hear the end of the story, we are sort of a "treat and release" kind of agency....

But this kiddo called and is thriving, in college, working, and generally doing great.
She has even started living her dream of working with animals and is on staff at a facility which I cannot name due to confidentiality but it was her dream to work there and she is!!!

Sometimes they succeed and we get to hear about it. Sometimes the kiddos heal and come out stronger than ever. Sometimes I am so grateful for my job and the people I get to meet. Their success is my success and I grow hopeful that maybe I played a small part.

I want to believe that I can make a positive difference in the world. But after hearing from her, I realized SHE mad a positive difference in MY world.

Life is good.

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