Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stranded, hungry, will work for food....

Today I was getting ready for work and on an impulse I stopped at Aldi's to pick up some Starbursts for my girls group for a meditation on mindfulness. The plan is that we take a piece of candy, hold it, smell it and eat it slowly, observing all our senses and then describing what it was like to be present in the moment...

While there I also grabbed a bag of apples... well, just because.

I thought, I don't have any apples, I like apples so I will take them along to work and bring them home later.

On my drive in I was stopped at the world's longest red light. Alone. So I sit back and try to practice mindfulness. That was when I saw him. This man walked up the ramp, put down a ragged back pack, opened a cardboard sign that said "Stranded, hungry, will work for food". He looked dejected, tired and dirty. I leaned over and opened the bag of apples, I took out one and rolled the window down, wondering how he would react. Maybe he really just wanted money and was a scam artist, maybe he would curse me, maybe he would walk away in disgust at my small offering.

He approached as he noticed my window lowering, I held out the apple. We looked into each others eyes. "Here" I said, "this is all I have."

He reached for the apple, still looking in my eyes, and said "Thank you, I haven't eaten all day, thank you so much. God Bless you." and he took a bite and smiled. He thanked me and blessed me again as he wandered back to the safety of the edge of the road. The light turned green, apple green and I drove away as he stood munching his apple.

I know now that I have never enjoyed an apple so fully without taking a single bite.

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Anonymous said...

That is a wonderfully touching item. It really touched me deeply. Thank you.