Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a number...

So this year I turned 50. And FREAKED out. I have never really had a problem with aging or getting older, but for some reason the number 50 has totally freaked me out. I figure I have exceeded the halfway point of my life. There is more lived than left to live.
I have been doing all the psychological mind games to divert my attention.
Such as: when my mother was 50 I was 12 years old. I had been a daughter in law for a year when my Mum in law turned 50. I was 18 years away from being born when my Dad was 50.

None of it really helped. I still resent the number...

A couple of funny things occurred in the week of my birth though.
I received an application for AARP AND free samples of *female hygiene* products for "young active women" HA!

Also my friend Alexine (Me) from the vet clinic sent me this conversation she had with my old friend Rossum...

Me: Every time I shave a cat's butt, I think of Martha!
Dr. Ross: Ha! Why?
Me: Cuz she's always shaving butts! And she taught me how! Oh, wow, you know what? Martha is turning FIFTY tomorrow!
Dr. Ross: She is NOT turning fifty!
Me: Uh, yeah she is. It's her birthday tomorrow.
Dr. Ross: *sighs like... I am a moron* That may be, but she is NOT FIFTY.
Me: So.... why would she say that is???? SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS TURNING FIFTY!
Dr. Ross: She told you that because she IS turning fifty! I am 44 and she is six years older than me. But that doesn't mean she is fifty, because she ISN'T!
Me: Um, ok.

That made my week. My age chronologically may be 50, but I am still younger than that mentally! So there!!!

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