Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sad news

Dear all,
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you the news. Today we had to euthanize Buddy Love, age 22, our oldest, sweetest cat. We got Buddy as many of you know our first year of marriage when we lived in Brooklyn.

Buddy got to travel a lot more than most cats. He lived a summer in Charleston on Folly Beach, stopped briefly in Durham NC, traveled to KY and Pennsylvania. He spent time at Cedar Hill retreat and loved it.
Buddy had a great life and a peaceful death. We weren't expecting it to be this soon or sudden.
His kidneys started failing and we began fluid treatments. They made him more comfortable at the end of his life.

Last night he began a rapid decline. In my heart I knew what it meant. This morning, Bob and I took our little Buddy Love on his last road trip. He went peacefully surrounded by love and prayers.

He is going to be cremated with his beloved scarf. He took his scarf with him everywhere and it seems only right that it should go with him now. My Mum in law made the scarf for me, but Buddy claimed it and loved it fiercely.

If you ever met Buddy then you have seen unconditional love in action. I ask that you all remember his life with joy and love. He was a blessing to us for almost 22 years and I am ever grateful for the lessons he taught me.

Love and peace to all.

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Katie! said...

As always, you were able to put another's need before your wishes. I hope I can be as selfless as you are when faced with a similar choice. I know you are heartbroken and my thoughts are with you. Love always.