Saturday, February 27, 2010

For Coda (Title: Old Souls, Old Bones)

Winter settles in
sinking deep into their bones,
and they begin to seek

They curl beneath lamps,
crawl under covers,
lie in the middle of their packs
drawing warmth from others.

But the cold has crept
into the very marrow
of their ancient bones.

It calls out to them,
drawing them into
the frigid frozen world,
the stillness of newly fallen snow.

They are old and weary.
Too many winters have come and gone,
too many cold moonless nights
stretch before the heat of summer
yet to come.

Same calls to Same.

They hear the call
quietly at first,
them more urgently.
On world weary legs
they venture forth
one more time.

Into the forest where it is
and welcoming.

They yield to its embrace.

Now. They know it is time.

This is why their bodies have cooled.
So they can lie down amidst the dead leaves,
the slumbering, dormant trees,
and rest at last
letting their souls slip away
like a wisp of fog.

Released from a weary body
they join Orion
to hunt with all the spirit animals
gone before them;
To run free and fast
a shooting star on the darkest night.

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