Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Alone in the desert
a scorpion appeared at my feet
small but deadly
yet it sought refuge
in my shadow.
I sat watching
as it grew and took a new form
shedding its carapace
to reveal a body
like my own
skin the color of mine
clothing of linen and flax
finer than my tattered robe.
He stood before me
emerging from hunger
from folly
or fantasy or fear,
he held bread for the taking
if only
I would forsake You.
I knew I lived not by bread alone.
I chose you.
He lead me to the lofty dome
where all the world to see
lay before us
mine for the taking
if only I would forsake you.
Castles, kingdoms, dominions,
but I chose you.
He said to me
“This one you choose
will he save you?
Jump, if he is real
you will not fall!”
I left his side. I walked away.
He was no more than a insect,
a scorpion beneath my heel,
because I chose you.
Eloi, I chose you.

~ Martha Parks Johnson


Tami said...

I understand your thoughts and feelings about Molly- making what is supposed to be the right choice is such a difficult thing to do.
Still I wonder...

Tami said...

about my decision for Elmo, I mean- lest there be confusion about what I said...