Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unexpected blessings

Today the hubster and I had a couple of unexpected blessings.

He went to work only to discover he actually had the day off. So he came home and we got to spend time together raking the yard. More romantic than one would think...
We are always better as a team than as singles.

Together we worked on herding the leaves toward the curb where the giant sucking truck would come and get them later this week...
He used the Toro blower and later changed it to the chopping thingie. I stuck w/ the leaf brooms. Jake just ran circles and leaped into piles of leaves digging out twigs and sticks.

During the raking I uncovered an earthworm, fat and sluggish, awoken from his afternoon nap no doubt. I helped him to a safer place. A few yard further on, I uncovered 2 tiny purple violets, sweep and purple, hiding beneath dead and decaying leaves, they were in full bloom, struggling to reach the sun. For some reason I resonated with them. After this past year of struggling through dark times and longing for easier times, I feel like I am slowly getting closer to the sun, pushing through the the dank, decaying, dark days, getting back to the light, back to the positive energy, back to Hope.

It was a blessing to spend the day with my hubby and Jake, in the sunshine, discovering surprising things, under the leaves, in the yard, in my soul.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Time passes so quickly! Its almost Thanksgiving!

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I blogged.

This month has been the longest yet the fastest I have experienced in a while.

It started with the glorious fiery leaves on trees that I love and then in an instant there are bare branches and gloomy weather heralding winter...

I have hauled out comforters and quilts, my snuggies to keep the cold away. Last night was a sure sign as I woke up at one point to find not only a husband in bed, but two cats and a dog! Seems winter is approaching.

I will be glad when 2009 is over. This has not been the finest year for our family. I think in some ways this has been the hardest year of our marriage. We have hit rough patches but they were brief and we were younger and managed to bounce back faster.
This year took its toll on us: financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.
But we did not give up, we held on and we are coming out on the other side.

However we could not have made it without friends and our beloved family.
More than anything I have learned this year, it is this. I am loved. Not that I have doubted it, but my family (both sides mine and the hubsters, I can't separate them anymore, they just are MY FAMILY) have come through for us in abundance. I have called on them more than usual to help and they have not once said no to me. I am thankful for all of them. For taking the time to listen to me in the throes of self pity. To dry my tears, to hold my hand, to talk me out of my anxiety attacks and stupid ideas. But most of all I am thankful for their unquestioning, unconditional love. So while I will be glad when the bad parts of this year are over, I will be remembering the love that was there during the dark hours. I will be grateful that I had family and friends who stuck by me. I have no idea how I can ever repay what they have done for me, other to say thanks and let them all know how very, very much I love each and every one.