Saturday, October 31, 2009

New poem... about the family farm.

In the curve of the land
where my life began
is where I wish my life to end.
in the wild grove where my grandmother’s
roses still grow
where wild garlic from a long ago garden
and buttercups and daffodils
are grown,
That is the final place
I want my ashes sown.

From the earth that nurtured me
and fostered my dreams
and even now tugs me back
for respite and care
I want my last bones and cells to return

I want my DNA to mix into the mud
with which I played
so that someday
maybe future generations
may touch me inadvertently
and feel a whisper of my passion
of my love
of my soul.

I want for them
the love of this land
that never left my bones

It seems only right to put me back
where my heart,
my soul belongs.

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