Monday, September 7, 2009


I took a long Sunday afternoon drive today, one of my favorite indulgences in spite of gas prices.

And I noticed it was coming. Autumn, fall, the end of summer: my favorite time of year. I hate summer, always have, always will.

Oh there are some moments that are nice. Some things I love: the first strawberries, the first tomato, corn, squash, mushmelon, watermelon, etc. the lightening bugs, the crickets and cicadas calling in the night, thunderstorms and the smell of rain. Still those glorious moments don't make up for the long hot torturous days of endless sun and heat...

But fall, ah that lovely season brings with it a coolness and a promise of change. Anticipation. I always equate it with new pencils, new shoes, crisp cotton dresses and a box of 64 crayons. Ripening persimmons and the smell of leaves drying. Driving today I smelled the barns with tobacco curing and was transported to my youth again. I remember the crisp tartness of apples, the first night it was cold enough to burrow under a quilt but still sleep with the windows open.

I love the crunch of leaves under my feet. Watching the squirrels get fat and slow. The smell of black walnuts, sharp and bitter, pungent as perfume. I love seeing the trees start to show colors, amber, gold, red, orange. Waking to find a lacework of frost on the windshield of my car.

It is the season of soup and stew, hot cornbread and crockpot meals. Simmering and baking, slowing down and savoring the day as the light fades faster and faster leading us to winter.

I don't mind heading into fall, finding my sweaters, digging out the afghans and quilts, getting ready to cuddle and curl up in the sweetness of the evenings.

Goodbye summer, welcome autumn. I have been waiting for you. Anticipating your arrival and today I saw you were just around the corner...

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