Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hope returns

I have the first faint flutterings of Hope again.
What has brought it about again?
I can't say for certain other than it must be Love.

I have had 2 weeks of nurturing from my mum in law. She came and cooked, cleaned, did a mountain of laundry but more than that, she listened. She let me cry. She patted my hand, dried my tears and loved me.

My sister has stayed by side providing unconditional support and love despite her busy life as Mom, Grandmom, wife, and individual.

My Big Brother #2 has helped out too, providing me with relief from worry and assisting with my panic triggers.

Friends have come by with veggies and a homemade lasagna.

Church has been extremely supportive lately showing me what church is supposed to be...

I have been doused in Love. I have been seeing God's grace flowing out of familiar faces and it has amazed me. God is not a stranger, Jesus walks among us on wounded feet, with wounded hands and heart, appearing as friends and family. That is what the incarnation is about. The love of Christ manifesting and flowing through our hearts into the hearts of others.
Blessed Be.

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