Monday, July 13, 2009

Cautiously hopeful

Today I had 2 good sessions w/ clients. Two teenagers who don't really open up, opened up and talked with me and I listened and then listened some more. It feels incredible to be the one they choose to trust. I am honored and humbled every time one of them takes the chance and talks to me as their therapist.
These kids have absolutely no reason to trust me. I am a stranger walking into their lives asking them to spill secrets even they don't know they have. I am just another adult who could let them down. Another adult who will promise but not follow through. In their world social workers are the people who show up with the police and cram all their belongings into trash bags and tear them away from the only home they know. It doesn't matter if that home is filthy and lacking basic necessities, it is still home. It is what they know.

Yet, sometimes they talk. They look me in the eye and tell me stuff. Some horrible things. Some not so bad things. Sometimes beautiful things. They drop the mask and I see their hearts. Wounded, broken, aching, tender baby hearts that long to take a chance and hope again. Hearts that need to be healed. Hearts that want to know love.

How can anyone look upon these children and not be honored? Not be humbled? I am given so much more than I can ever give...

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