Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Minor miracles

Well, I am still struggling. Actually the hubster and I are both struggling, but we are struggling together. Which is more than some people can say. No matter what, we love each other, and hold each other up through good and bad. We just hope good is coming...

There have been some minor miracles. I exited a few cases that met their goals. That was good. I exited a few that needed to just move on. That reduced my anxiety a lot.
There has been some healing going on between family members who were angry.
Buddy the amazing 21 year old cat continue to thrives.
Jake the no longer 10 pound puppy continues to thrive.

We don't have much but we have enough. We are gonna make it. We have friends who love us, family who love us. People are reaching out, praying, sending good thoughts. As one person put it, being Christ w/ skin on...

Hope blooms eternal.

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