Thursday, May 7, 2009

She dreamed of dance

She Dreamed of Dance

Growing up on the farm
listening to music
late night on the tranisistor radio
catching as catch can
stations coming in across
foggy valleys and hills.

She felt its rhythm
in her soul
and wanted to dance
to let her feet move
her body sway
her steps glide and dip.

On the way to milk the cows
she practiced her steps:
glissades, pirouettes,
arabesques in the barn
where only the cows watched,
over their hay,
contemplating her form
nodding encouragement,
contentedly chewing their cud.

At school she drew
pretty costumes
while waiting for others
to finish their sums and
Adding lace and sparkles,
erasing lines and mistakes
seeking a world of perfection.

At 18 in she moved
to town, got a job
scandalous in its own.
Daddy helped buy her a car
and she dreamed of dance
while driving home
the radio tuned in
her fingers tapping in rhythm
her mind creating choreography
in the cars that moved along
the narrow streets.

She tuned the black and white
Philco into bandstand
and with me
balanced on her feet
we laughingly
twirled and glided
and we danced.
I too began to dream
that she would dance…

He came along one day
swept her off her feet
into a life of stability
babies, a home.
Something that had
never been considered.
Something never even
mentioned to me.

Now she has it all.
Security. Safety.
A soulmate.
But I can’t help
to wonder.
Do they dance?

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Tami said...

Beautifully written!