Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reunion reflection

Underneath the greying hair,
the wrinkles and lines of care,
I still see us.
As we were.

I still see our innocence
our youthful passion
Our belief that we could change the world

Underneath the years of toil
of sorrows borne and
dreams decayed

I still see our hope
our faith in good
our knowing right from wrong

Underneath the makeup and carefully selected clothes
I see the hearts of children
who played together
stayed together
and came out on the other side.

Better than most,
Bonded for life
in spite of miles
in spite of years
in spite of time

We shared a magic world
where love, loyalty and integrity
were not words
but a way of life

Where all lessons learned
were not just from books
but from people
who cared.

Underneath our grown up
we all bear the foundation
of a happy childhood
in a small town.
Such a gift
rare and exceedingly fine...

1 comment:

Tami said...

I'm so happy that your vaca is recharging you and renewing your once-tired spirit. It sounds wonderful for you. I have never been to a class reunion- though I might after this...

Remember this time, especially for later- if and when, you are overworked, and over-tired again- that relief DOES come. It's very easy to forget that sometimes.
Joy and peace to you, every day- enjoy the rest of your vaca!