Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memories from school

I am still reflecting on my school reunion. Soon I will move on to the family reunion!

Laurie Mc was the undertaker's daughter... David was the teacher/preacher's son... Tim was the mailman's son...
It's funny but I grew up in a place and time where you were "So and so's daughter" or son or cousin... we were known by our kin.

As I grew up and began to write a lot of unpublished stories I began to assign titles, so thus Laurie was and is the Undertaker's daughter. Her family owned and operated (actually still do) the funeral home in Summer Shade. My family history is so intertwined with hers we were bound to be friends.

Her grandfather, Herman, helped bring me into the world. The family story goes like this. The day I was born it had snowed so deep it came up to my 5 year old brother's armpits when they set him out in the snow that morning. My mother went into labor. Daddy couldn't get his car out. The only person in the county who had chains on their car was Herman Mc. On the hearse. So Daddy called Mr. Mc who came and drove Mama and Daddy to the hospital 20 miles away in Glasgow. Luckily they got there in time and I was not born in a hearse. Since then the McMurtreys have been part and parcel of our lives. We bury our family after having funerals at the McMurtrey funeral home. Laurie's dad tells us all stories about our family. Funerals are partly about grieving, partly about remembering and celebrating thanks to the Mc family.

Laurie and I used to sit on a tractor at recess and talk. Or walk around the baseball field and talk. We talked a lot. I don't remember all we talked about, but it must have been very important because we did a lot of it. We also were aspiring writers/artists back then. I remember we worked on a book for our teacher Mr. Hunley entitled "Captured Time" or something equally dramatic, where we put together essays and artwork from our classmates. I wonder where that book is today? I would love to see it again.

Anyway, Laurie pulled together a reunion of our 8th grade class after 35 years after I mentioned I would be down to Summer Shade and would love to see whoever was around. She is still the red haired energetic gal I remember to have pulled that off! I did not get to spend enough time talking to her or any single person the night of the reunion but at least we have reconnected and its a new beginning. It was good to be home...

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