Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Box

She loved the woods
and water
and the blue sky.
But when she died
I could not part with her ashes.
So I kept them in a box
painted with the things she loved:
woods, water and sky.

Someday when I am ready
I will let go
and take her remains
out into the world
scattering them to the winds.
And then I will put the box
into the fire
as the paint curls
and blisters
knowing that we both
are free…

1 comment:

Tami said...

Really, so sweet, Martha. I know that feeling so well. Elmo loved the backyard here, but I don't want to release his ashes here, because I'm afraid that someday this lawn will be dug up for construction of an apartment or commercial building, or that before to long I will move. ...And while I rationalize that HE is not in those ashes. I hesitate to leave him here.

It is so very hard to let go. I loved him so, as I know you loved yours.