Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Old friends mean so much more to me than new friends
Cause they know who you are and they know where you've been...
Harry Chapin

Eric is an old stagehand buddy of mine. He knew me back in career number one (when I was a stagehand in NYC). Eric and I worked together off Broadway, at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Spoleto Festival in Charleston SC...
I remember running miles of cable, hauling tons of lights, hours of programming cues with Eric. I also remember sitting quietly, exhausted, riding home on the subway, comfortable in the silence that only true friends can share; shoulder to shoulder, toolbags at our feet, lost in our thoughts, occasionally breaking the silence w/ a comment or "hey we need to remember to do this..."
Lots of spaces, lots of times. He was one of the best electricians I have ever known. He taught me a lot. He was not one of the braggarts who was all mouth and bluster. He was the guy who actually knew his stuff. He never had to boast and brag because he just did his job. In many ways he was my role model: Calm, unassuming, professional and dedicated. I have many fond memories of working and hanging out w/ Eric.
Luckily he still pops up now and then. In career #2, (vet assistant) I got to meet his girlfriend and their amazing touring cat Sophie. Eric still tours and just recently was in Lexington w/ Mamma Mia. So once again I got to see him and had the hubster take a pic of us together. Eric is one of those rare people who have been my friend longer than 20 years and seen me through many changes and 3 careers. I look forward to his yearly Christmas letter even though I still can't seem to get it together to get out cards, I know that one will arrive from him at some point. Their are friends who are touchstones in our lives. People who despite time and distance are just as immediate and there, people who don't leave our hearts. Its nice to see them face to face again though...

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