Sunday, March 8, 2009

Goodbye Sniffy Pie

Once again I have had to let go of a beloved pet.
Sniffypie was running around sniffing and stealing pizza rolls a week ago tonight. Wednesday night I noticed she looked suddenly old and was acting lethargic and strange. I checked her hydration and she was horribly dehydrated. I took her to vet first thing; her blood work was awful, her body temp low but they treated her and released her back to me. I was home the next 2 days sick myself but it gave me a chance to stay w/ Sniffy.
She and I cuddled together deriving comfort from one another. I would get up and give her treatments, take my meds and go back to bed. And cry. I knew in my heart she was dying. On Sat I took her to Molly's vet and he confirmed the worst. Her temp was even lower, a sign that I knew meant her body was shutting down. The hubster and I exchanged a glance and both of us knew it would not be fair to try all the tubes, pills, pokes and extreme measures that would maybe buy a day or two; a day or two of not so good quality life spent among strangers. The hubster had held her all morning. She was his cat really. She loved him from the moment she entered our lives, her favorite spot nestled under his chin purring and sleeping. So with heavy hearts we again made the decision to spare one of our pets pain and suffering.
It is one of the hardest decisions to make.
I can't believe how many times the human heart can break...


Katie! said...

She was such a lucky girl to have landed two such people as you. As you well know, you'll see her again.

My heart is breaking for you right now, my sweet friend. Sending love to you, your hubster, and the rest of your little family.

Alykat said...

Sniffy was such a special, special girl. She was the first cat I ever did a dental on, do you remember? I fell in love with that sweet, gentle nature immediately, and am mourning right along with you both.

TimmyB said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Ms. Martha. Poor Sniffypie.

She was a beauty.

Warm comforting hugs from,

Timmy B.