Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jake's very exhausting but best ever weekend.

Jake ran with the big dogs two days in a row.
On Saturday we went to a friend's home where 2 goldens live: Asher and Jax. Jake loves them!!! They rolled him in the snow, about a million times, ran and ran and ran with him. Played chase and tug and shared their chewies and rawhides. Then they sent home a ton of new toys w/ SQUEAKERS in them. Jake LOVES squeakers almost as much as he loves Jax and Asher!

Then today we went to a dog park. Jake got to run w/ the big dogs again for about an hour. He met Duke who rolled him in the snow, and a bunch of ladies who remained nameless but did play nicely with him.

The nice thing is other than Jax and Asher, Jake does not appear to be dog aggressive. He seems to be a fairly laid back pup. He loves all humans too. He has potential.
Right now tho, he has a sleepytime...