Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*****Snow day **********

I woke this morning to snow and ice and knew instantly I wouldn't be going anywhere except the internet.

I love a snow day.

I am behind on paper work, having been sick last week and now I have a chance to catch up at a calm pace rather than a frantic, anxiety ridden, panicked state.

I have oatmeal, coffee and am sitting now in pj's and two pair of socks warm and comfy with a quiet (for now) puppy at my feet.

So no more lollygagging, off to work. More blogging later.


Timmy B. said...

Snow day? Cool. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm in on a snow day too! Although I'd rather be outside doing something with my horses, it's just to icy to be safe, so I'm here blogging. LOL I guess I could clean off my desk but that might be too much like work.