Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just stepped out back w/ the pooch and heard the first branches cracking and breaking.

I just flashbacked to the last big ice storm 6 years ago. Then it sounded like gun shots and it was eerie and dark due to power outages.

I am not so prepared... I know where the flashlight is and I have lots of cat, dog and fish food. I will move Dennis the fish to the kitchen stove where I will put him in his temporary holding tank over a pilot light to keep him warm. The cats and dog and hubster and I can all huddle in the living room to stay warm. If the power goes out, that means no furnace, cranky or not. I really wish I had called a chimney sweep and had the fireplaces checked out. And bought firewood. sigh. If only we could burn cat poop we'd be in bizness!

I will need to post pics soon... it looks beautiful. I just hope we don't lose the power.
And everyone stays home and SAFE!!!

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timmy B. said...

Wow. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for posting.