Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holy Spirit speaks...

I have friends who are deeply religious, who speak to God on a regular basis, who have a deep connection with their higher power. They have visions, receive messages of incredible wisdom and strength and guidance...

I envy them.

I have struggled w/ God my whole life. I chatter on incessantly, blabbing and whining, thanking and gushing... Sometimes I ask for signs. (OK, sometimes I demand signs.) Sometimes God responds. Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit takes over and gives me what I have always called a "spiritual headthump", sort of like when I was a kid and an older brother would whack me on the head...

For example!

The other night I was dreaming and in my dream I was whining to an angel about how hard everything was: "life is hard, work is hard, I'm tired, I'm poor, why me? why now? Why is this so hard????"
And the angel replied: "Harder than hanging on a cross?"

Well that shut me up.
Score: me 0 Holy Spirit 1

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