Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jake is still with us in spite of Molly and Buddy daily plotting his death...

He checked out fine at the vet, healthy, sturdy, good disposition, not even very wormy...
Labeled "a keeper" much to Molly and Buddy's dismay.

He is growing before our very eyes! He weighed in at 12 and a half pounds but was not 4 months old... he is only 10 weeks old!!! A BABY! So my expectations have been very high and unrealistic...

He has brought some much needed laughter and joy into our lives. As well as shredded papers, lost shoes, piddle puddles and late night, early morning stumbles around the cold dark yard!!!

But he is indeed a keeper. We are working on his training. At one year old, if all goes well, he will test for certification as a therapy dog. Then I can use him in treatment w/ clients, take him to hospitals, nursing homes and Hospices to help provide comfort and healing. This has long been a dream of mine, to have an animal to use to help others.

Plus the husbster has just wanted one of the furfaces to have a job!!!

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