Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas is a little sadder. Its a Christmas without Molly Dawg. Which reminds me of others that aren't here either. My parents, my father in law, other relatives and friends and pets...

We are in town for this holiday since I am the on call person at my agency. So we are missing family.

I am trying to be hopeful though. This year has been rough. But Christmas has always heralded a time of miracles and love for me. It is a season when my faith is renewed, when I begin to believe once again. Tonight is the night when miracles happen. When hearts open and love abounds.

Tonight is Christmas Eve.

There will be Peace.
There will be Joy.
There will be Hope.

If we all believe...

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timmy B. said...

Merry Christmas, Martha!

Hope yours was wonderful. Norio was working, so our holiday was a little subdued. Peace and quiet and time away from the office make it a treat for me.