Saturday, November 15, 2008

more small victories.

I have been going head to head with psychiatrists a lot lately.

I have a kiddo that I am convinced has the wrong diagnosis. I have gone through charts, interviewed his parents and teachers and former therapists to gather data. I have what I think is a good case that this kiddo is somewhere on the Autism spectrum. But the doctor kept insisting on Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

So I presented my opinion. The doc disagreed and prescribed more meds. In the meantime the kiddo continued to escalate and become more and more violent and aggressive. The doc would change meds... and they wouldn't work.
I presented all my research to the doc. Didn't work. More meds. The kiddo then stabbed a peer with a pencil and injured a teacher. He was expelled and sent to a restrictive placement.

BUT the school backed me and I was able to persuade the doc to recommend testing for Autism and requiring a shortened school day. IT isn't the solution I hoped for, but its a start...

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