Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home life update

Molly dawg continues to toddle about keeping us on an emotional roller coaster. She has good days and an occasional bad day. But all in all she is hanging tough and we are keeping on loving her.

Buddy Love is ever faithful and cuddly, as is Mo, Kizzie and Sniffypie. Maggie the Cat remains totally insane and antisocial in the attic.

Dennis the fish swims strong!

My work is tough, exhausting, brings me to tears and is incredibly rewarding. I love being a therapist.

The hubster is quacking along selling the duck insurance. I got to see him act last week and he is as always, amazing. He is just so brilliant and wondrous. I am a lucky woman to have him around...

Our house is slowly getting purged of junk, occasionally getting origanized and we actually got the yard raked last weekend.

All in all, we are good.

We just miss family and friends because we stay too darn busy!

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